Zambia Diaspora to introduce a Diaspora Volunteer Placement Project

Zambia Diaspora to introduce a Diaspora Volunteer Placement Project

Due to increasing number of Zambians living outside and foreign entities wishing to visit Zambia and contribute to its social and economic development agenda, the Foundation is working out mechanisms to introduce the diaspora Volunteer programme.


DVPP is a skills and cultural exchange initiative designed to facilitate cooperation between African diaspora and selected Southern African countries, Zambia as starting country. The main objective of the programme is to provide a platform for skills, cultural and knowledge exchange among African diaspora and participating entities.

The Foundation secures places within various local institutions in Zambia for diaspora placement and are attached to various institutions, they provide skills to local people and respective organizations they are attached to. They exchange and learn local cultures of the people and benefit from existing local knowledge.

The programme caters for Student Volunteer attachments to universities and research institutions, Volunteer placements to public and private entities and Business and Investment missions.

Interested participants from various institutions, colleges and universities will apply for placements during each year’s programme circle. The Diaspora Foundation will then take care of identifying institutions and placement of the visitors into the local organizations in Zambia.   The Foundation invites diaspora partners to support the DVPP to support the process and ensure that participants acquire the best of African cultural experience in southern African and Zambia in particular.

The Foundation seeks partners such as universities, business organizations and international agencies from around the world to support this migration and diaspora volunteer programme. Email:, or Contact Whatsup no: +260953693094