Introducing the Diaspora Investment Support Services

Introducing the Diaspora Investment Support Services

The Zambia Diaspora Foundation is calling on the Zambian diaspora community around the world to take advantage of its services directed towards the Zambian diaspora and migrant community. The Foundation recognizes the important role the African diaspora and people of the African descent around the world can play towards achievement of the goals of the National Development Plan and Sustainable Development.

The Foundation further calls on developing countries such as Zambia to recognize international development instruments on migration and diasporas that guide developing countries towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals so as to create conditions for the integration of the migrants and diaspora to fully contribute towards attainment of development of the specific countries.

We advise governments to tap into increasing diaspora economies to harness productive potential at home, boost economic diversification and promote the value of human resources so much missed by affected countries.  People of African descent in the Caribbean Islands, Americas and other regions have expressed their desire to invest and settle in African countries such as Zambia.

Despite many of them knocking on the doors of African countries many have not responded positively to address this important issue. Therefore, the investment services are not only directed towards the Zambian diaspora but also the people with African descent around the world.

Importantly, the Diaspora Direct Investment services will benefit diaspora families through various ways. The DDI service to the Diaspora is in the following areas;

1. Diaspora for trade and entrepreneurship

The foundation partners with interested trading companies and businesses for linkages with the Zambian diaspora. The service will facilitate trade and entrepreneurship with the Diaspora and Zambians at home.   

2. Diaspora Investments in the procuring of estates such as land and buildings

The Foundation will partner with the Ministry of lands, local authorities and private sector companies to ensure that the Zambian diaspora secures land, plots and secure buildings in all parts of Zambia.

3. Diaspora financial investments

Promoting partnerships with international and local financial institutions to support Diaspora savings investments and bonds in Zambia.

4. Diaspora investment in the social sector

The service will identify social projects in rural Zambia such as health clinics, schools and orphanages promote these to the Zambian diaspora for support.

ZADIFO offers itself as a key partner for the diaspora at home. The service package is expected to provide opportunities to the Zambian diaspora to reduce their challenges in accessing various services back home. These ZADIFO services help diasporans secure comfort as they return home and contribute positively to the social and economic development of Zambia.