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Zambians living in the Diaspora

Migration and Development

Internally Displaced Persons

Zambia Diaspora Foundation is a nonprofit organization registered in Zambia and works to support rights of Zambian living outside Zambia and advocates for the achievement of the Zambian Diaspora Agenda and advocates for timely diaspora policy implementation, enabled Zambian diaspora data management, increased Citizen’s diaspora engagement and inclusivity through established platform for knowledge management.

Zambian Diaspora promotes opportunities for diaspora participation in decision making process to achieve Zambia’s social and economic development. The diaspora engagement ecosystem is critical to realize organization’s objectives.

We achieve our objectives through working on diaspora and migration projects. We provide a civil society national platform by working with established and upcoming Zambian Diaspora networks spread around world regions to achieve objectives of the organization. 

We collaborate with authorities on issues of refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) to ensure that the rights of the indigenous and displaced people are respected and receive necessary support. 

We collaborate and engage among others with responsible Ministries and Zambian embassies around the world and international diaspora organizations and networks to add value to our work.